Rain, Rain Dont Go Away

I havent seen the sun in days and I feel like I’m going a little bonkers! When the low is only 45 degrees and Im complaining about rain, I realized I’ve become a true California girl.

After walking my pup in the cold rainy weather, believe it or not Ive been contemplating getting Uggs.  I thought I’d never say it, but I’m yearning for some comfy boots. After much thought, I realized that leather might not be the most practical option for rainy Nor Cal winters.  So I decided if they’re good enough for the Queen of England and Paddington Bear, I needed to invest in some red Hunter wellies.   Not only was it the perfect way to brighten up a grey day, but now I’m wishing the rain wont ever go away.


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Long Overdue

Once again, I have done a terrible job at updating my blog.  Unacceptable I know.  Only at the request of my mother-in-law did I realize I’m long overdue for an update.  Thanks for the reminder Jan.

The last few months have been full of nesting, friends, organizing and having fun being newlyweds!  We’ve been able to put all of our wedding presents to good use! I cant believe Bri and I have been married for over 4 months now. Its crazy how time flies.  My latest project was a much needed closet reorg.  I almost didnt recognize it this morning while getting ready for work.  A job well done if I say so myself.  Now I just have to keep it this way….



Lastly, the sweetest picture of Finley sunbathing in her favorite spot in the backyard.  I just couldn’t resist.


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Wedding Favorite Deux

2.  Mingle’s Locket

Growing up I always dreamed that my grandmother (nicknamed Mingle) would be around to bake and decorate my wedding cake. She decorated hundreds (probably thousands) of other people’s wedding cakes, as well as many of my family members.  My parents had an amazing tiered confectionery masterpiece with a fountain, yes a fountain underneath (remind you it was the 70’s).

Although neither of my Dad’s parents were able to physically be there on our wedding day, it was important to me to have a piece of them there. A few Christmases ago my aunt gave me my grandmother’s heart shaped locket that my mom had actually given her when I was a child.  That same Christmas she also gave me one of Mingle’s beautiful blue applique handkerchiefs and a music box. I have always cherished each of these things. I decided that on our wedding day, I would attach that locket with my grandparents photos inside to my bouquet. I also carried her blue handkerchief with me.  It meant the world to me to have them so close. I knew that she was there bringing us the perfect weather in June, but while we were taking pictures outside I suddenly stopped and could hear the string quartet playing “Laura’s Theme”- her favorite song, the same song that plays in her music box and I just knew she was right there with us.

Picture 1

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I’m Back!

I’m back and have made the commitment to start blogging again. I no longer will go extreme lengths of time in silence. Promise. Now that I finally have some extra time on my hands I’m putting it to good use. I decided to start out by doing a recap of some of my favorite wedding details and moments. Highlight a few of the things Brian, my Mom and I have spent the past year working on. So here goes, I’m going to try and share one thing every day or so.

1.  “I’m not a ring kind of guy!”
Brian and I talked a lot about making our ceremony personal to us as a couple, but one of the most memorable moments was totally unexpected. During the exchanging of the rings Brian held out the wrong hand for me to place the ring on his finger. Whoops, I guess we forgot to practice that part. When I tried to help him out and point him in the right direction, he laughed looked at our friends and family and said, “I’m not a ring kind of guy!” I followed up by saying, “well, you are now!” Too funny!

Picture 1

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Its been so long since I posted something that I almost forgot my password. You all know Im sorry.  I just had to say that the next time I do a post I will no longer be officially LEMonade. Whoo whoo!

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Spread the Love

Today I received three honeymoon swimsuits, a tote bag and 13 beauty samples from Victoria’s Secret. Love them all. Believe it or not, but I got all these treasures for a mere $100. Thank You retailmenot, you’re officially my new favorite site and if you’re not already using it you must start…..immediately!

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Seven Sunny Things on One Rainy Day

7 things I’m excited about on this rainy Monday afternoon.

1. My birthday is in two Wednesdays and I got a  super sweet dinner invite today from B for one of my favorite restaurants that we only go to on special occasions. So excited.

2.  My pals from Phoenix are coming to visit next weekend for a girls weekend in the city – cant wait!

3.  I got a new pencil cup and notepad holder at Office Max today.  Truly made my day.  Its Springy and fun and looks ultra prof-chic.

4.  I accomplished quite a few things on my wedding checklist this weekend and Im very proud of myself for it.

5.  We got our plane tickets today to go see Brian’s Mom in the OC next month.

6.  For once, I didn’t eat the choco chip cookies today that my coworkers insist on baking everyday at 3:00 PM. Now that deserves a pat on the back.

7.  Brian has finally surrendered the registry list to me (thanks to some convincing from his Best Man). I can now register for my cake stand.  Whoo hoo!

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